We aren’t going to make claims about being the most secure or fastest or most fully featured or bleeding edge web host you could possibly find, even though we know we are pretty strong in all of those areas.

We are happy to make big claims about our ethical and sustainability credentials though.

We use green data centres, that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and run on renewable energy, we use renewable energy at home and office, but that is just the beginning.

We also take care to optimise our servers and your websites to be as light and fast as possible to reduce bandwidth and processing power.

Susatinability isn’t just baout a carbon footprint, it’s also about humans, we use ethical employment practices. We also take care to choose the companies we partner with carefully, making sure that they are share the same beliefs and principles that we do.

We really try to be sure that every decision we make is the most sustainable practical choice BUT there are some things that we just can’t do greenly enough, like our DNS for example, so we have found a way to offset that as well…

Much more information about how we are creating a forest coming soon.