We like the world that we live in, even though it’s far from perfect. We’d love it to better and we definitely don’t want it to get worse. We also like the internet, believe that information empowers people, and would like for everyone to have access to as much of it as possible.

The problem are that, although it might not be talked about or even thought about very much, the internet is a major contributor to carbon emissions and climate change, and it can be complicated and expensive to create a strong web presence.

We would like to do something about that!

We started a website at mysteriousbeans.com a few years ago, we talk about travel and sustainability among other things. At some point we realised that while we were doing as many things as sustainably as we could, the way that we were hosting our site didn’t fit in with that.

That is why we came up with S4, our take on the way that websites should be hosted, ethical, sustainable, green and carbon neutral.

After a lot of thought, work, testing and development we are now ready to offer the same hosting service to others who care about a sustainable, fast, and affordable internet.