The internet is a carbon monster, with a higher energy footprint than the air travel industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

We offer affordable, ethical and sustainable WordPress and email hosting, with setup, monitoring, backups, updates and maintenance.

Need a fast and secure website that is constantly up but don’t want to worry about how it all works or play around with server settings?

Relax, we’ve got you! Welcome to our 4S WordPress Hosting


We aren’t going to make claims about being the most secure or fastest or most fully featured or bleeding edge web host you could possibly find, even though we believe we are pretty strong in all of those areas.

We are happy to make big claims about our ethical and sustainability credentials though.

Find out more about our our sustainability.


Are we the fastest web host in the world? Nope, almost certainly not. But we are fast enough to make your sites fly and ready to work with you to keep them optimised and speedy throughout your site life.

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We won’t like to you, 100% security is a myth, no online security is absolute. If some of the biggest and most high tech companies in the world can’t always be bulletproof then neither can you. 

Just in case something does go wrong we have constant monitoring and three separate levels of backups to make sure that we can work with you to fix any issue as quickly as possible.

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There is no use in having the fastest and shiniest website in the world if you can’t be sure that it is going to be up all of the time!

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